DVG: B-17 Flying Fortress Leader: Juguetes y juegos Juegos de mesa Juegos de estrategia

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From the Publisher: You select and command Bomber Groups and Fighter Groups belonging to the US 8th Air Force as you carry out a strategic bombing campaign against German Occupied Europe. As you plan and carry out your missions, the game's AI controls the German Air Defenses, Technology improvements, and allocation of resources to the European, Mediterranean, and Russian campaigns. During the Mission, you'll move your Bomber Formation and Fighter Escorts one leg of the flight at a time to the target, checking to see if you encounter German fighters, 'Bandits', and resolving the air engagements along the way. During these battles, your Escorts will do their best to shield your Bombers from the swarming Bandits, but some might slip through. At which point it will be up to your gunners to destroy the incoming fighters, or at least driving them off. While at the same time, the Bandits will be doing their best to shoot down your Bombers. As you approach the Target, you'll lead your Bombers through deadly fields of flak guns before being able to drop your bombs. Once over target, you'll call out 'Bombs Away!' as you rain destruction down on the factories below! It is then time for the long flight home. Hopefully, the enemy fighters will not have had enough time to land, rearm, and take off again to intercept you on your home-bound journey. It is up to you to inflict maximum damage on Germany's war-making capability, while at the same time bringing your brave crews home.

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DVG: B-17 Flying Fortress Leader: Juguetes y juegos Juegos de mesa Juegos de estrategia

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